Welcome to Dunn's Library!
LMC Staff   The Dunn Elementary School Library is a resource center for learning and enjoyment. Dunn Bears reading books greet you as you enter the library. Students will be exposed to a diverse book collection with a wide variety of classic and popular literature. Nonfiction and reference materials cover academic areas as well as aim toward personal interests. The Fiction collection provides fantasy, mystery and science fiction. Pleasure reading includes graphic novels (comics), series titles and magazines. There are many choices for students’ different interests. The Dunn Elementary School Library operates on a fixed/flexible schedule and is open each weekday from 7:45-3:00.

 Behavior Expectations
• Whisper in the library 
• Walk in the library 
• Respect everyone 
• Remember procedures 
• Expect consequences 

How to Care for a Book
1. Carry your library books in your book bag. Keep your books dry. 
2. Don't eat or drink near your library books. 
3. Keep books away from young brothers and sisters who might scribble in, or tear books. 
4. Keep pets away from books. 
5. Turn pages from the upper right hand corner. 
6. Make sure your hands are clean when handling library books. 
7. Use a bookmark to mark the place in which you stopped. 
8. Read the book or have someone read it to you. Enjoy! 
9. Return the book or books to the library in a timely manner.

Bear  Checkout Procedures:
Kindergarten: 2 book for two weeks
First Grade: 2 book for two weeks
Second Grade: 3 books for two weeks
Third Grade: 4 books for two weeks
Fourth Grade: 4 books for two weeks

 Online Resources Visit to explore online resources selected by Dunn's librarian.

Overdue or Lost Material Procedures
In an elementary school, materials are bound to be misplaced and even lost by the students who visit the library. It is important to take care of library books and to return them on time so that all students may enjoy them. The Dunn Elementary School library provides an opportunity to teach the value of responsibility while students enjoy their books. 

When library materials are not returned by their due date, the Librarian will verbally remind the student of his/her overdue materials. This will be completed in a quiet and private way, respecting the right to privacy for each student. At this time, questions can be asked of the student to try to “jog” his/her memory: Have you looked in your backpack? In your desk? Did you take the book(s) home with you? A notice will be handed to the student or given to the teacher to place in the student's backpack to take home to parents in hopes of locating the missing library book. Students with overdue or missing books will not be allowed to check out additional books and students must pay to replace lost or damaged books

  Damaged Book Policy
 Accidents happen. Puppies chew (usually new) books, juice containers leak in backpacks, younger siblings use them for creative art projects, and books get left on the playground the day it rains or fly off on vacation. Most children are responsible and if a book becomes accidentally damaged, we stress the responsibility to report and, if necessary, to replace a book which gets damaged while in their care. 

If a book page accidentally rips, please do not attempt to repair it at home. We use special book tapes and glue, which resist heat and won't discolor. Return the book with a note and we will repair it. 

If a book becomes damaged beyond use or a book is lost, you will be billed for the replacement cost. You may send cash only. Once the bill is taken care of, then your child may borrow a book.

 Five Finger Test
1. Open the book to the middle. Select a full page of text. 2. Read the page. 3. Put one finger up for every word you cannot pronounce or do not know. 4. If you get five (5) fingers ups on one page, the book is too difficult to read independently. 5. If you do not get any fingers up, but are reading very slowly and decoding almost every word, you will not enjoy the book.
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